ADDITIONAL SERVICES: pool equipment repair


Zodiac, Pentair, Hayward, and Jandy heaters, variable flow pumps, wireless remote communication


Turn your spa on from your phone on your way home from work! Monitor your chemical and temperature readings from any device anytime! When it comes to thoughtful upgrades and topside pool repair in San Diego there's none better.

Ask about lighting elegance options, variable speed energy saving pumps, salt water pool chlorine generator systems, pool heaters, acid injectors and wireless control systems of all brands: Pentair in San Diego Compool or Easytouch, Hayward Pro Logic or Aqua Rite, Jandy AquaLink and more. Rauscher's Pool Care in San Diego, never worry about your pool again!


After Acid Wash service

Make your pool sparkle with an acid wash! We drain the pool and work a special acid solution (or chlorine) onto the entire pool surface removing algae, calcium and other mineral staining. Then we fill it back up adding our special chemical start-up to protect the plaster immediately. 


Before/After Expansion Joint (deck sealant) Replacement

 Notice the mastic around the perimeter of your pool cracking and tearing? Fix it before it allows water to penetrate and shift foundation support for your pool. We have a method to bring long lasting joint seals cosmetically pleasing to the deck. 


Hayward Navigator inground automatic pool cleaner

 Whether you have a Pentair Rebel or Kreepy Krauly, Hayward Navigator or Poolcleaner, Zodiac Baracuda or any other popular brand pool cleaner we can fix it for you! 


clogged pool plumbing

On rare occasions your pool cleaner may suck up goggles or other objects which get stuck in the underground plumbing. This process uses a Co2 tank and a special fitting and other unique tactics to blow the debris out. 



pool equipment repair to pump inlets and outlets or multi-port valves are due to inaccurate water levels are common and easy fixes. Take care of them before they become costly!