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Why choose Rauscher Pool Care?

Safety, comfort and efficiency

Why choose RPC??
 - Disease prevention; Preventing Brain-eating amoebas, Legionnaires disease, E-coli, Staph infections, Cryptosporidiosis and other pathogenic organisms responsible for water borne illnesses typically found in biofilms due to inappropriate sanitization levels are our #1 concern
 - Plaster and pool equipment preservation; We understand and eliminate the causes of staining, etching and other plaster problems. We activly protect and preserve heaters, pumps, saltwater systems, filters and more which can be damaged by inappropriate water chemistry.
 - Skin and eye irritations; Blond hair turning green, yeast infections, rashes and other unpleasant reactions to improper water chemistry do not occur with our recurring maintenance plans
 - Energy $aving; We analyze new client pool equipment within their current plumbing layout to ensure everything is designed to effectively protect pool equipment and reduce hydraulic restriction as much as possible and adjust pump settings and schedules for maximum efficiency
 - Safety; water chemistry, electrical hazards and  drowning prevention are major concerns which we are happy to address year round 

The RPC Guarantee

After one month of our "Full Service" pool cleaning service, RPC guarantees all pool equipment repair and crystal clear water that is non-corrosive to the pool plaster and equipment while comfortable and safe to swim infor as long as you retain our services.

You do not pay for the week(s) in which there was a problem which could've been prevented with proper maintenance. (Hint- that never happens with us!)      

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General Information

RPC client testimonials

"Dependable, reliable and consistent. Pool always looks great. Has suggested changes to our equipment that has resulted in significant energy savings. Easy to contact and reasonable rates. Conscientious and nice guy! Highly recommend!" - Paul J (yelp review)

"Seth is very professional, punctual and my pool is always sparkling. Couldn't ask for better." - Mark R (yelp review)


Our  flat monthly billing rates (with an annual agreement) for swimming pool maintenance are designed to simplify the billing process. We take your weekly swimming pool maintenance service rate and multiply it by 4 for an average monthly rate sent out at the beginning of each month due by the middle.

Make payments online directly from the bill or set up an automatic payment schedule with your bank. You may also send a check or google wallet payment if you prefer.

Monthly rates are based on a typical 4 week month totaling 48 weeks annually. With 52 weeks in a calendar year, the four unaccounted  weeks are supplemented by 4 absences per year taken during winter holidays and bad weather conditions. 

Pool heater repair in San Diego is not covered by recurring maintenance. Our heater repair specialists are available to help you in your time of need but schedule an inspection prior to planned use if possible. Pentair Hayward Jandy Raypak pool heater repair in San Diego. Schedule your diagnosis or estimate today with Rauscher's Pool Care in San Diego


Q- How do I get a quote?

A- Book online at the top of the page or call/text (619)254-3519 or email sethrauscher619@yahoo.com and schedule a time for me to come out 

Q- How often do you come?

A- Unless requested otherwise, complete maintenance is scheduled on a weekly basis

Q- How will I know when someone will come and whom to expect?

A- We aim to keep you familiar with your service tech and scheduled service date. In the unlikely event something changes you will be notified in advance by text

q- Is there anything I need to do?

A- Please notify me by text of any changes you notice or upcoming swimming events, keep an eye on your water level and make sure to send payments on time ;)




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